At Sea with most of the sails up .. Come on sail with us! Welcome to R home page. S/V RDreamz is currently for sale due to family problems we are forced to put our baby up for sale.

Please come in put your feet up, pop a cold drink and look around. If you see something that is wrong it was not my fault. Not sure who I can blame it on, at this time but it could not possibly be my fault. I am the skipper after all, don't you know. If you see something cool or neat it was all my doing...OF COURSE!

If you have comments please feel free to email us. We really enjoy getting email that is not spam. But no I don't need Viagra and we don't need new siding for our house so please no spam.

I try to update this page often but you know how retired life is, soooo busy and all what with diving, swimming, sailing, snorkeling, sight-seeing, we are really busy people.

Thanks for dropping by. Come again I might do something different next time.

A great man shows his greatness by the way he treats little men.. -Thomas Carlyle