Cruising 2006

January 26

One more year and we are still floating and seeing the world one wave at a time.

Well here we are in Quepos Costa Rica enjoying the new year with lots of sun and sand.

Just to bring you up to date we departed the northern area of Costa Rica and are now in the Central part. After having spent several weeks in the north and since we only have 5 weeks left on our visas we had to start moving again. We spent a few days in Ballena and visited the veggie market put on by the yacht club there with Mrs. Heart the driving force. yes that is the wife of Mr. Heart inverter guy. To kewl to meet people like that along the way very interesting people.

Fueled up in Herradura at the Los Sueanos Marina which is across the bay from Bahia Ballena and the diesel was $2.70 a us gallon: gas was $3.65 a us gallon. Water was free. So we topped all the tanks off and headed south again. Plan to depart Qeupos tomorrow at 0 dark 30 towards Drake 52 miles south of here. Hopefully will have some wind would love to do some more sailing.

OK so I am lost here.

If you want to know what is happening check out Pam's thoughts. She has more drive to write here than I do.