Our Contact Information!

OK here is the deal!

If you just want to email us with a text only message anytime anywhere you can via the Ham Net,

If you are not already on our list you can get on by going to www.winlink.org you only have to do this the first time.

Their home page will allow you to enter your email address and send us an email.

Our Ham Net address is KD7SNN at winlink.org

We try to check this each day but you know those retired people.

We realize this is a hassel but it keeps the spam down and if we send you an email then you are on the list for six months.

If you want to send Pictures or Jokes please send them toroycenpam at rdreamz.com

We check this whenever we are in port, where there is an Internet cafe. Surprisingly there are more than we thought there would be.

And if your really bored you can see where we are by going to www.winlink Position Report

Once there just type in our Ham Call sign KD7SNN and hit return and it will show you where we are or at least where we where the last time we sent email.

Neat stuff.

Please let us know if something don't work like I said here so I can change the page to reflect the new stuff.